Today organizations are confronted with complex and international contexts. Communication and relational skills become determinant factors in any challanges and realizations of projects.

The I.e.5 and I.s.5 tests can be used for both managerial and professional profiles during selection, assessment and development, planning of individual coaching and teamcoaching, teambuiding, evaluation of individual and collective resilience indeces, and so on.

Organizations are offered the administration of the tests with timely return of the results according to specific projects, or the purchase of a license that allows the use of the Ies5 concept independently also thanks to the training of their internal analysts.


Services and projects linked to the Ies5 concept:


  • Consutancy for “Conflict Management”
  • Consultancy for training, development, change management projects
  • Consultancy in commercial projects, sales training and customer relations
  • Consultancy in the HR sector
  • Planning and implementation of individual and group coaching
  • Consultancy for individual and group assessments and personnel selection
  • Consultancy in managing project linked to the evaluation of individual and corporate resilience indeces


HR and organizational developments consultants, coaches and trainers, may use the IES5 concept for its direct delivery as advisors. In such cases they can buy a license and join the training for Certified Analyst, thus becoming a dealer of the IES5 concept.

(see project IES5 services)

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Professionals in the areas of HR management and organization may offer their clients the purchase of tests and licenses as dealers and representatives, including the training programs for IES5 Analyst.

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Also individuals can take advantage of the I.e.5 and I.s.5 tests to know their CRE and/or CSI, just connecting to the web directly (in 5 languages).

You will receive your graphic result and the access to the Interpretation Guide.
After administering two I.e.5 and I.s.5 tests you will also get your Resilience Index (IR10) in graphic form together with its Interpretation Guide.

If you want a personal coaching you will be assigned a Certified IES5 Analyst. Otherwise you can buy the practical handbook of self-training on Emotional Intelligence, as well as the Self-Training Guide on the One-to-One and One-to-Many concept.



CHF 50

+ VAT (only for Switzerland)
(For each I.e.5 or I.s.5 test)

Price for license holder as per separate agreement

The price includes:

  • Questionnaire of 100 triple-choice questions or immediate answers online in 5 languages
  • Elaboration of the questionnaire and result in graphic form
  • Access to the Interpretation Guide
  • Access to the result of the IR10 Resilience Index and the related Interpretation Guide for those who have undergone the two tests (IE5 and IS5)
  • Possible purchase of the practical Self-Training Handbook on the Emotional Intelligence’s test (78 pages in A5 with 10 practical exercises)
  • Possible purchase of the Self-Development Guide (PDF) about the concept One-to-One and One-to-Many, linked to the IE5 and IS5 tests on Relational Efficacy (34 pages with 17 practical exercises)



(organizations, consultants, distributors)

After having certified minimum one analyst, a client becomes a license holder and has the possibility to buy tests with discounts on the basis of volume and contractual agreements.

The price includes:

  • Login and right to use and access the IT system via internet in 5 languages
  • Validity 2 years, after annual renewal
  • Autonomous test elaboration with graphic results
  • Management of data bank
  • Hotline
  • System updates
  • Requirement to train a minimum of one certified concept management analyst
  • Issue of license holder certificate and web page publication


One full day training

The price includes:

  • One full day training for HR, Organization, Training professionals
  • Introduction of the 10 behavioural factors and ethical rules
  • Results’ interpretation and feedback
  • Introduction to the use of the Analyst’s Guide
  • Using the sofware
  • Case studies-practical cases
  • Projects liked to the concept “One to One and One to Many“ and Resilience
  • Introduction to the self-training kit for personal improvement
  • Registration and publication of the web page as an authorized analyst